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Mustard Seed Brown

Mustard Seed Brown

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Mustard seed has been used since ancient times. The earliest mention of the mustard seed dates back to a 5th century BC storey from India about Gautama Buddha. Its most well-known use is in the preparation of mustard when the seed is ground and mixed with water or vinegar to create a paste. Mustard is used as a condiment for many dishes, including as a topping for hamburgers and hot dogs. 

These dried seeds can be used whole or ground in pickles, mustard and sauces. When sautéed in oil, the taste of the seeds will remain subtle and add a less pungent flavour to dishes. Dry roast to add fabulous warmth to curry pastes and spice blends. Brown mustard seeds are delicious in seafood dishes, soups and hotpots. For something new, try some in savoury baking recipes like seed loaves or cheese muffins.

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