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Mastic is a natural resin that comes from an evergreen small tree (large shrub) which is cultivated successfully on the island of Chios, in the Eastern Aegean Sea.

Ancient Greeks used to chew the resin from the Mastika tree as part of their oral hygiene. But the substance has also seen myriad other uses, being made into creams to heal wounds and reduce inflammation, and dried into a powder to treat irritable bowel syndrome and ulcers.

The resin has even been used in traditional medicine for the management of asthma. Today, mastic has piqued the interest of pharmaceutical and nutritional supplement companies worldwide.

The use of mastic was widespread even in ancient times. Mastic was used as a natural medicine for stomach aches and for controlling cholesterol levels and diabetes.

Recently its use is becoming increasingly popular. Mastic is a harmless natural product and has no side effects. Mastic has many useful qualities and uses.
It absorbs cholesterol, has antibacterial properties, acts as an oral antiseptic, aids digestion, tightens the gums, heals wounds and scientists recently discovered
that when it is administrated even in small doses it cures stomach ulcers.

Mastic is also widely used to improve taste in cooking and bakery.

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