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Dried Lemon Black

Dried Lemon Black

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Black lemons are dried citrus fruits, typically limes, which are lightly fermented until they take on the appearance of blackish-brown leather and become totally dry and preserved.

Black lemons are actually dried limes and owe their misnomer to English translation from Arabic. They're used in the Middle East as a souring agent in chutneys, soups and stews, and even ground into flatbreads. The powder made from black lemons has a sweet-tart flavour that is unique and has no substitute.

Black lemons are widely used in Persian cuisine. They can be used whole, sliced ​​or powdered. Black lemons are generally used to flavour meat, fish, vegetables, stews or even soups. It is also possible to use them to add flavour to a dessert, such as ice cream or cake.

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